Rubber PVC Label | Metal Pins Production Solution Provider

DongGuan Weldo Automatic Rubber Slipper upper making line is Weldo company the most feature production line to make slipper PVC uppers and sandal PVC covers . Robot simulates human hands pick and place slipper uppers aluminum molds from each machines without any mistakes . All machines in this production line are all communicated through sensor communication cables ensure each machines a good communication to transfer sign . Robot receives orders from each machine to complete mold grab and place precisely. 

Rubber slipper upper making line can process 6 different types of designs . Typically , slipper uppers have left and right foot , therefore one pair of rubber uppers has right upper molds and left upper molds ,the whole production line can make 3 different pairs of rubber uppers .

To solve the label shortage issue, increase the rubber label production  , reduce labors and managment cost will be a popular topic in labor tensive industry . Intelligent Automation machinery replaces human beging will be a trendency in garment accessories and garment manufacture fields. The person who first use advanced technogy , and will be the leader in market . DongGuan Weldo automatic machine helps slipper manufactures optimize production and updates their shoe upper production grade .