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Intelligent Visual Automatic Machine

Do you know the intelligent visual automatic machine ? Weldo develops  intelligent visual automatic machine is the simulation of human eyes and hands to automatically enamel and paint on plastic and metal products . Intelligent Visual automatic machine is accepted high-advance CCD positionining system to identify workpieces on worktable , installed high precison precision jet to carry out paint , ink , soft enamel . 

Do you know the intelligent visual soft enamel machine for ? Weldo high precision intelligent visual coloring machine has mutil-function covering promotion craft souvenir products such as lapel pins , medals , sonenvir badges , military coins , dogtags , and also can be used in footwear metal accessories and garment metal accessories as well as coloring fashion bags spare parts . This machine is also widely used in jewerly enamel productions , largely free worker hands from stressful work . 

The 7th generation of precision coloring machine
The 7th generation of precision coloring machine
Features: 1.Main designed for metal badge, brooch pins and many other high precision metal enamel products. 2.Integration design,graphic programming process, easy and simple to operate. 3.Applied high precision position function without tooling and fixture, automatic detect and track angle and position of products to ensure precisely dispensing. 4.Improved visual calculation, intelligent judge and jump fault products to avoid wrongly dispensing. 5.Applied two grades calculation, production is double improved. 6.Can process any product to debugging the program, and speed up programing. 7.Intelligent fault detection, automatically skip over processed products to avoid the second error processing. 8.After the program is programmed, it can be saved in the computer and is permanently valid. When the product needs to be made next time, the program can be called up directly without a second programming.